Sunday, 8 November 2009

I'm Posting :)

Okay, so, I like this guy.

Famous words, right?

He's everything I dreamed of, plus lots I never even thought of.

And I think he might like me back.

How can I tell for sure? What do I do? And how can I make up for the "date" that I had to pass up because of prior commitments???


  1. Kendra! It's wonderful to hear from you again! So, the famous "Guy" story! Ahh...Why not ask him out on a date? Like, coffee or something to eat? To have someone that special, you shouldn't let it pass you up! :) lovely to see you posting!

  2. Erm, not really sure if I am allowed to post here, but if I am, I might have something to say about this. From the perspective of a guy I mean.

  3. Capri: Thanks, haha! *sigh* Yes, the ever-popular guy-issue. I think we are friends right now, since I'm not really looking for a super serious bf-gf thing, but I really do like that guy, so...

    Einar: Please; anything you have to say is welcome!

  4. Einar, you are more than welcome to post!

    Kendra, it's me! (Tandice) I just used a nice new pen name that fits my personality well in meaning! Being friends is amazing, but if something goes wrong the heartache is somewhat painful...

  5. Yer 15 right Kendra?
    If so, mightn't you wait till you are old enough to actually court? I have always seen it as you are either friends, or you are openly courting. Anything in between is just confusing because you are never sure if they "like" you, and so on.

    Causes a lot of trouble when you make it that complicated.

  6. just b ur self and c what happens! if he really likes u he'll come around and not care bout the date!