Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Coming together

Sure we all have our own problems. Some worse than others. But when it comes to bullies.....

Is it odd that a lot of times I'm afraid to walk into school because I have witnessed so many people get bullied and it's pretty obvious which are getting fed up of the way they're treated...who's to say they won't bring a gun to school and shoot me?

Steven: the fact that you were bullied is pretty much heart breaking. No one should have to go through that. Although I admit I have never been bullied I've been depressed for quite a while.

I'm a friend!


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  1. It isn't odd to be afraid of what some people will go to when faced with the extreme pressure of being bullied. When it comes to the topic of bullying, I'll admit I had it worse than most people. Not a single lesson went by when someone would try to make fun of me. Even in the trips to my next classroom between lessons would be full of insults or people trying to trip me up. My parents tried to help. They went down to the school every other day trying to fix my problems for me. It worked to a degree, albeit only for a few days then it would all start up again.

    In the end I got used to it and it didn't bother me quite as much anymore. No-one should ever get bullied and its worse still when they say they're used to it. But that was what my life was like every single day. Because I got so used to it I didn't bothered telling my parents about any of it anymore. Probably why I won't tell them anything now. I know gun crime in schools in America seems to be quite common unfortunately, and its only right that you should be worried because of it. In England I've found that gun crime isn't anything particularly worrisome, its quite a rare occurrence. Instead, you just need to worry about getting stabbed. Its quite a common sight outside my old school to see Police standing outside searching people for knives and drugs. And like you worrying about guns Tandice, knives are something I worry about every single day... especially when you live in quite a deprived area.

    Steven xx