Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Kendra Logan in Six Paragraphs!

Well, Steven had a good idea of introducing himself, so I though I might briefly do the same. I feel like I know you guys, but I guess in reality we don't know each other very well at all!

My name is Kendra Logan, and I'm fifteen years old. I've been homeschooled all my life, but I'm part of a program that's almost like going to regular school once a week. I've wanted to be a writer ever since I was eight, and I've wanted to be a lawyer since 8th grade. Basically, my favorite subjects are literature, debate, and logic :)

I'm kind of a nerd sometimes. I'm really into the odd subjects like language and philosophy.

While I don't really suffer from depression exactly, I definitely have my extreme ups and downs. My mom tells me that I just feel things 100 times deeper than my other friends. When I'm happy, no one is more filled with joy than I am, and when I'm heart-broken, my soul puts Romeo and Juliet's sorrow to shame.

I don't know how good I am at giving advice, but all of my friends seem to think of me as their personal psychiatrist, which is honestly fine with me. I love to help people that way if they really want my warped advice, lol! :)

One last thing, and this is probably the weirdest yet, but it's an extrememly character-defining aspect of myself: I've always wanted an older brother.

I know that sounds weird and almost irrelevent, but oddly enough most of my emotional problems stem from this strange lack of brotherliness (is that a word? Haha :D) in my life.

Okay, I'll stop ranting now. I really hope this post wasn't out of order...


  1. I think your mom is right about how you feel, or at least she is about the happiness (I don't think I've seen you depressed yet). Whenever you post a comment on one of my blog posts that talks about my depression it always seems to be filled with hope and happiness which in turn inspires me.

    I don't think its weird that you want an older brother. Frequently I wonder what it would be like to have an older sister.

    I think its cool that you're home schooled. Everyone I've known so far has been educated at a school rather than at home.

    I think I'm gonna need to expand on my about me section a bit, just realised I've wrote loads about absolutely nothing =/

  2. Wow, thanks! When I'm really down, though, I don't know how hopeful I am. Inside, there are a couple of almost silly things that really messed me up and make me sad sometimes. I'm getting better and hiding them and getting over them, though.

    Well, I'm glad you don't think that's too weird, lol! Most people I tell that to look at me like I'm growing a third ear.

    I didn't think your "about me" was nothing! I thought it was good and gave us a little insight to more of who you are.

  3. Oh, and about the homeschooling, thing, thanks about that, too! There are a lot of stereotypes that come along with announcing that you're homeschooled, but it seems like you guys won't have too much trouble seeing through them to who I really am.

  4. Its no problem :) You've really helped me in getting through this.

    About the brother thing, I don't think its weird at all lol. Not as bad as me at least. I might've mentioned it once on my blog but recently I've become completely obsessed with babies. Even had a dream where I became a father. That combined with the frankly terrible teenage pregnancy rate of where I live is just making me want to have kids even more, despite my age.

    I haven't heard any stereotypes or anything negative about people being homeschooled. I'm not really a one to judge anyone anyway, unless they've done something really really terrible thats affected me.